FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Listed below you will find frequently asked questions and problems together with the solution. If your problem or question is not listed please contact css@wee.com with the following information:

  • The device type of your smartphone (App) or type and version number of your browser (Web)

  • If applicable, the operating system and version number of your smartphone

  • The e-mail address of the account concerned


I can't log in.

Please make sure that...

  • your account has been successfully verified. The verification mail comes from the sender wee@dedipay.io. Also check the spam folder of your letterbox. If the mail still cannot be found, please contact the support.

  • Your email and password do not contain any spaces. And are spelled correctly.

If you have forgotten your password, please click on "Forgot your password?

Top-up of prepaid credit

Charging my prepaid fails repeatedly.

Please delete the credit card you have deposited in your account settings and add it again.

I have problems recharging my prepaid credit over 50 EUR

From an amount of 50 EUR, most credit cards use the so-called 3D-Secure procedure. The exact procedure differs depending on the bank and credit card. If an error occurs during the transaction via 3D-Secure, please top up an amount of less than 50 EUR or use the IBAN bank transfer. If you have any problems or questions regarding the 3D-Secure procedure, please contact your bank.

Important: The access data of your bank are required here.

Why do I see a bank account from Luxembourg when recharging prepaid via bank transfer?

Your credit balance in WEE is deposited as FIAT money at our banking partner MangoPay 1 : 1 in EUR. MangoPay is based in Luxembourg. For this reason, you get your own bank account also in Luxembourg. There are no disadvantages for you due to the EU-wide valid regulations.

WEE balance

My WEE credit is not (no longer) displayed in the app.

  • Please check if your last transactions are displayed. If no transactions are displayed, please check that your account balance is displayed in my.wee area.

  • The reason why your account balance is not displayed in the app is because you do not have mandatory information in your account settings. Please log in to the my.wee area with the relevant account, open the settings and fill in all fields marked with an * (mandatory fields). In particular, the information on date of birth and nationality. This information is required to register you with our banking partner MangoPay.

  • If you have added the missing data and saved it successfully, please log out of weeApp and start it again. Now the account balance should be displayed again.


Is the UBO/KYC process required for prepaid top-up?

No. The KYC/UBO process is only required for withdrawals.

What is a UBO statement and who must make it?

Learn more about the UBO statement and who is required to make it.

Download the UBO information sheet here

As a weePartner, do I have to perform the KYC process?

Yes, see here if you need to carry out the KYC process with the legal form of your company. KYC only needs to be carried out when you make a withdrawal.

Download the information about KYC for weePartner here

Why do I have to do a KYC?

The KYC is a regulatory requirement to prevent money laundering, fraud and the financing of terrorism.

When do I need a KYC?

The KYC is necessary if you want to withdraw money from your wee accounts to your bank account.

If my trade register extract is to old or no longer valid?

In the meantime, you can download the trade register excerpt or the business registration "Online". Please check if your country has the option to download the document online.

e.g. Germany : https://www.online-handelsregister.de/

If I do not have an excerpt from the trade register or a business registration?

If you do not have an excerpt from the commercial register/trade registration in your country and for your type of business, you can alternatively upload an invoice from your company in which the address can be seen. Important : The invoice must not be older than 3 months.

My KYC for a document was rejected. Why?

The verification of your submitted documents is checked by our payment service provider. The reasons why your document has been rejected will be displayed in the „Document Overview“. You have the possibility to submit the KYC for the document again. Please pay attention to the following points in advance to ensure that your KYC is successful:

  • My document is valid and has not expired
  • My proof of identity matches my account data
  • My submitted document is photographed legibly and the data on the document is clearly visible

My documents can not be uploaded?

If your KYC cannot be completed for a document, please check the size of your uploaded document. The documents should not more than 7 MB in total and should contain the following document types pdf. .jpeg, jpg, png

I had a finally confirmed KYC but need to run my KYC again?

Our payment service provider can also request the KYC for your account again. In this case, you as the user must submit your KYC again. This can be due to compliance reasons or your account data no longer matches to your uploaded documents.

Are my uploaded documents secure?

Your submitted documents are processed by a payment service provider licensed and registered in the EU. You will find more information about the cooperation. Please check our „terms and conditions“.


I have made a withdrawal of my WEE balance but the status is still on "Pending".

Please check your bank account. The payout will be visible on your account after 1-2 business days. In some cases the update of the transaction status is delayed.

weeApp and PosApp

Which operating system version is required for the weeApp and PosApp?

For IOS 10.0 or newer is required and for Android 6.0 or newer.


Representatives from Trinidad & Tobago/Panama cannot be registered.

Please contact your MPM-Group sponsor for this.

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