wee turns paying into an experience.

Mobile payment, spending and collecting cashback.

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Imagine with every purchase you make, you receive money and can use it freely... with wee it really works!

Shop in the area or online? You have a choice of shops that guarantee you a cashback.

Local retailers, small shops and service providers.

All local retailers

1.000 online stores worldwide, in all categories.

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It´s so easy.



Get the weeCard at one of our local merchants or download the weeApp directly. Register free of charge, no complications, no risk.



Have your QR code scanned when you shop locally. Choose your online shop through us and shop as usual. There is always a cashback.



Pay with your cashback at retailers with mobile payment or have your cashback paid into your own current account. It's up to you!

Explore local retailers and online stores.

Shop at 20,000 local retailers or in over 1,000 online shops - the combination of cashback offers from local shops and online shopping is only available with wee. And across borders. We are not yet everywhere, but every day the number of our "weePartners" is growing, attracting new local retailers or well-known online shops. You can find them all in our digital marketplace.

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Get cashback for every purchase.

Cashback means a refund of money. With every purchase. It doesn't matter whether it's daily shopping, breakfast rolls from the local bakery or a new haircut at the hairdresser's. Even with long-awaited purchases such as nice sneakers or a travel booking, you can still receive cashback. So it is always possible and easy to save money. And if you recommend us to other people, you will also benefit from the purchases your friends make.

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Do what you want with the money.

You decide what happens to your casback. Pay for your purchases in stores and support local merchants. The cashback amount can be increased at any time by credit card or bank transfer. Mobile and contactless payment is possible without any additional payment service. The collected cashback amount can easily be deposited into your personal current account. Because we calculate the cashback in WEE. And 1 WEE corresponds to 1 EUR.

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Smart shopping with the free weeApp.

No matter where you are, no matter what you're looking for. With the weeApp, you always have a smart shopping buddy by your side. It shows you the stores with the best deals. With the weeApp, you can shop at your local retailer, but also in the online shop. There is always a cashback. And in accordance with the security standards that are mandatory for the use of our e-money license, mobile and contactless payment is super easy. Get your free WeeApp now!